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School Emergency Planning and Incident Management

If a major incident happened at your school, would your leadership team know how to deal with it effectively? 

The expert team at Continuity West can help you put the right plans, systems and training in place. All stored on our specialist cloud hosted software package, MIMS (Major Incident Management System). The system is fully mobile friendly ensuring you have access wherever and whenever you need it. 

Continuity West originally launched our MIMS system in January 2016 with the aim of providing an effective and cost efficient solution. Since then through the feedback of our customer a revised version of the system was launched in July 2018 which is fully mobile friendly. 

We offer an affordable software solution housed in a secure server for managing major incidents. Our consultants will help you setup and customise your system through a business impact assessment. Our packages also include training and simulated exercises to test your plans and give the school senior management team a chance to manage an incident in a safe learning environment.

The benefits of using MIMS:

§  MIMS is a cloud-based system, accessible on multiple platforms, so incidents can be managed from any location on any device.

§  It comes with a number of pre-loaded plans (eg loss of building), which we will work with you to customise to your organisation.

§  The ability to assign tasks and work collaboratively means that responsibilities are clear and responses can be coordinated.

§  MIMS enables swift communication through contact lists and messaging services

§  Important documentation can be stored and managed on the MIMS system

§  All incidents and comments are time and date stamped allowing for a fully auditable system

§  MIMS was designed for the education sector and has everything you need to manage anything from recording a minor injury to managing a major crisis.

Should you be interested in understanding how MIMS can benefit your establishment, please contact Michael West on 01225 220052 or