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Business Continuity Planning for SME’s

Following a successful 2017 implementing its MIMS (Major Incident Management System) software in the Education Sector, Continuity West is now providing a business orientated product.

To complement our existing team, Chris Simms joined the Company in November 2017 and has responsibility for our Business sector.

What we offer

The Business sectors’ offering is based on the current MIMS system which has been upgraded to provide greater flexibility and functionality. Despite the investment in redevelopment, MIMS has remained competitively priced.

The MIMS (Major Incident Management System) comes with a number of preloaded plans that are common across all businesses. When a client decides to implement MIMS, we will work with you to customise the system for your requirements. During the setup phase one of our consultants will conduct a Business Impact Analysis (BIA). The BIA will allow us to customise the system and plans to your specific business requirements.

The consultant will then ensure that the software is customised prior to the system going live. This bespoke system will be web-based and hosted on a secure server in a secure environment with UPS, Generator Backup, Air Conditioning and a smoke detection and fire suppression system. .

In common to other MIMS services, training will be provided to named users in the form of an exercise using the MIMS system. On-going support is included in the annual licence fee.

The benefits of using MIMS:

  • MIMS is a cloud-based system, accessible on multiple platforms, so incidents can be managed from any location on any device.
  • It comes with a number of pre-loaded plans (eg loss of building), which we will work with you to customise to your organisation.
  • The ability to assign tasks and work collaboratively means that responsibilities are clear and responses can be coordinated.
  • MIMS enables swift communication through contact lists and messaging services
  • Important documentation can be stored and managed on the MIMS system
  • All incidents and comments are time and date stamped allowing for a fully auditable system
  • MIMS was designed for the education sector and has everything you need to manage anything from recording a minor injury to managing a major crisis.

Should you be interested in understanding how MIMS can benefit your business, please contact Chris Simms on 01225 220052 or